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Home Styling consulting

Do you need some special unique furniture pieces for your home, property investment or office space?

Don’t know where to start or which places to look for unusual and unique antiques. I’ve had 20 years experience living in Hong Kong and Philippines and know all the latest trends in home styling and interior design. Do you want to have some accent pieces to spruce up your home? By getting good home furnishings for homes or property investments can really help to rent them out and get more rental income. 

I hand pick a variety of home furnishings and then supply them to my clients. I specialise in industrial, retro and farmhouse pieces. Some will be restored and some will be ready to go on the shop front. I also can help with any antique you may want to sell and clear out so you have less clutter in your home. If you have pieces which need restoration we also can help.


With more than 20 years of experience in real estate consulting, I like to help personal clients with home styling design.


I pride myself on delivering exceptional products for my clients whether be it industrial, vintage and retro furniture.


Striking relationships and being personal with customers is my strong point. Being an investor myself I know the in's & outs.

Just don’t have enough time to find and source good home furnishings and antiques in Philippines.? Need a extra set of eyes & ears to help organize your family home.? Want a fresh new look to your home or touch up’s? We can help from start to finish and can supply all the furniture pieces like industrial, vintage and retro pieces which will really get peoples attention to your home. 

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What I do for clients

Project Management

I provide unbiased advise and consulting for Asian property investors that don’t have time to design, pick out furniture schemes and do home styling. Come join me and see how I can help you design and pick unique furniture pieces which will bring your unit the WOW factor.


What my clients said

"James helped me design, construct, & furnish two studios in Manila.Better yet ,James found me two great corporate tenants in a short span of time. We even went out for a few beers after signing the leasing contracts. I consider James to be a friend & would highly recommend him to anyone"
Mr Michael Hsu
"James & his team have been the agent for our condo in Bonifacio Global City since it was completed in spring of 2018. He was able to secure a corporate tenant for our unit quickly and efficiently. He maintains excellent communications with us, so that we always know where we stand in the process."
MR Robert Riley
US High Commissioner

Contact JC

If you have any questions, just fill in the contact form, and I will answer you as soon as possible. If you like to arrange a zoom conference call to discuss your specific requirements ill be happy to schedule a live  one on video call.

Looking for a project manager catering to Filipino marketplace ?

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