Messaging apps are now reporting higher Monthly Active Users (MAU) than social networks (Business Insider Intelligence Report 2016). And that’s game changing for Customer Experience (CX) automation. Customers, in their billions, are going to want micro-messaging connections with you. And that means customer support bots aren’t just compelling, they’re essential.

So what does this mean for CX right now? Is human resource an endangered species or is this a technology set to unleash something more powerful?

It’s probably a very similar conversation that the car industry had in the early 1980s when automation transformed production. And the outcome? A global industry employing hundreds of thousands of brilliant engineers, developing cars at the very edge of our technical and creative ambitions. In short, automation freed the talent to realize its potential.

The true value in customer support bot technology is not in what it replaces, but what it realizes. Bots free your teams to move higher up the value chain and unleash their star power. In short, your CX team becomes bionic.

“There will be a step-change increase in resolution speeds, as CX companies harness the potential of bots to complement, not compete with humans. Bots will drive the right question to the right answer quicker.”

Brendan O’Driscoll – Bot Lead at Spotify and Voxpro AI & Bot Technology Advisor

As a partner to companies that are changing the future, Voxpro designs and delivers the world’s best customer experiences and is constantly exploring new innovations to enhance these experiences. We’ve explored 3 big features of CX support bots and how they create more valuable roles for CX agents.

01 Bots handle the transactional, to help your teams create the value.


Customer Support Bots handle the transactional, to help your teams create the value

Bots handle the volume like nothing else. The scaled, repeatable and transactional customer moments. And that changes a great deal. This will empower your CX teams to focus on the more specific, higher quality and added value customer moments. The moments which create brand champions and influential advocates. This will enable your agents to develop into more defined, specialized and valuable roles within your CX team.

02 Customer Support Bots give you the metrics, your teams bring the insights.


Customer Support Bots Bots give you the metrics, your teams bring the insights.

There’s a lot of data coming. Deep metrics to show you precise trends and the road bumps in your customer’s journey. No matter how big the data gets, it will only tell you what’s happened, not why. Your CX agents, however, can now focus on the insights on what’s coming. Rich and real feedback on what customers want moving forwards. Combined with automated metrics, this will create a powerful insight loop to make even more powerful CX.

03 The future is hybrid, not automated.


Customer Support Bots - The future is hybrid, not automated.

As brilliant as bot technology will be, even when it becomes deep learning with real artificial intelligence, it will always be driven by what humans want it to do. Human engagement will become more valued by both brands and customers. The future in customer experience is hybrid, where bots and agents complement, not compete.

Voxpro is building a bionic future.

The ability of CX bots to handle the scale of customer engagements is unmatched. And whilst customers will adapt to automation in transactional moments, they will always need human engagement to meet complex and important needs.

Voxpro is investing in this future now. We’re helping our global partners deliver world best customer experiences by defining the hybrid relationship between CX bots and people. CX bots liberate your teams to help create the new specialized, upskilled CX teams of tomorrow.

CX bots are game-changing. Now’s the time to build the teams to win it.

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