I am a  digital media executive, offering innovative digital media solutions & marketing services. I help consult start up’s, SME’s, proof of concepts, & product development in a  multitude of  industries & marketplaces.

Providing outsourcing solutions & services is less time consuming than doing it in house especially if its a start up or proof of concept project. Plus you will get a non biased perspective without any outside influence. 

“Digital Media solutions provides companies with the most compelling strategies for marketing products and services”

Whether you are a company CEO, director, or a entrepreneur, digital media will help deliver your marketing goals to a wide audience. I have provided integrated solutions that assist a variety of different digital media in Asia/Pacific & United Kingdom.

I offer solutions to commercialize business content across multi-developed and managed of digital platforms, reaching  consumers globally every day, month and yearly.

I commercialize business strategies across web & mobile-enabled digital platforms, driving revenues through a mix of content distribution, advertising & sponsorship and developing internet communities.

As well as that I create and publish my own titles, & I offer a range of digital media, programming, graphic design, and SEO/SEM services.