Roku Stick


Top features

– Advanced wireless receiver for extended ranged 

– Quality picture with 4K streaming 

– 150,000+ TV programmes and movies 

Advanced wireless receiver

Advanced wireless receiver gives extended range, so you can even set up a TV outside for a summer BBQ and keep streaming. It’s also easier to pick up the WiFi where it’s not as strong, such as in hotel rooms, so you can keep streaming no matter where you are.

Quality picture Whether you’re enjoying the latest action-filled blockbuster or watching something scary from behind the sofa, the deeper blacks and sharper contrast of 4K streaming will make you feel like you’re right there on set.

150,000+ TV programmes and movies

Enjoy 150,000+ TV programmes and movies on thousands of free and paid channels. Keep up with all of the series you’re watching, no matter how many streaming services they’re split across. 


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