26th December 2015

My Investments

I’ve made some equity investments in a number of start up’s & SME’s & always on the look out for innovative concepts with a strong & focused senior management team.

scottishbusiness-logo (1)SCOTTISH BUSINESS – Scottish Business www.scottishbusiness.com looks to invest in companies with strong management teams and attractive business models that are poised for growth. We typically look to generate returns over a three to eight year time period. Given our focus on high growth businesses that are often at a start up point in their life cycle, we look to provide an investment group structure that best allows the portfolio company & investors to achieve maximum return on investment on capital funds.


demographicsprologoDEMOGRAPHICS PRO – Demographics Pro www.demographicspro.com is Nielsen-style measurement for Twitter, Instagram & Vine activity, giving marketers deep insight into the consumers who follow specific Twitter & Instagram accounts, post about brands, and influence other users. Demographics and psychographics via dashboard or API to analyze, influence and target social audiences on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


schmapSCHMAP – Schmap www.schmap.com  is a location technology service provider and local publisher, with cutting-edge expertise at the intersection of local, social, commercial and the real-time web. We’re best known for our real-time city guides, and our popular Twitter service.Released is first Schmap City Guides in March 2006: initially revised twice a year, our guides are now updated real-time, with local buzz for restaurants and bars from Twitter users.