CoinsPH partners with beep

Philippine-based has partnered with beep™, the country’s popular contactless payment provider to launch a new function that allows commuters to easily reload their beep™ cards using NFC-enabled Android smartphones. is a digital wallet and mobile payments app that allows the unbanked and the underbanked to store value in their wallets to send money, and make payments across the Philippines using their smartphones. beep™ cards are popularly used by commuters for the metro’s trains and toll ways and have recently been available for use in a few select bus companies, restaurant, cinema, and supermarkets. They have a reported 4 million active beep™ cardholders to date.

“Each day, nearly 2 million Filipinos are forced to wait in long lines to top up their beep™ cards with cash,” said Ron Hose, CEO of, in a press statement. “With this collaboration, beepTM cardholders can seamlessly use to load their cards with their phones and make payments anywhere beep™ is accepted. This solution represents a catalytic step forward in a vision that we share with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas of forging an advanced digital economy by 2020.”

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