26th December 2015

About JC

I am a certified digital & social media marketer as well as a sales & business development manager.

I enjoy working with decision makers in the tech & digital media industries.

I provide a variety of services & solutions:

  • Content delivery & distribution.
  • Social, mobile, & digital media.
  • Application design and development.
  • Content management systems.
  • Project management & marketing solutions.
  • Product design, development & strategic planning.
  • Sales & marketing/¬†business development outsourcing.
  • Corporate representation in Asia/Pacific.
  • Interim positions for start up’s & SME’s companies.

Currently researching and covering companies in the e sports, bitcoin, I gaming, food, real estate, & and travel sectors in Asia/Pacific & UK.

Please feel free to email me any new projects or positions in Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia.

I am currently looking for new projects & exclusive representation deals to work on in Asia/Pacific & United Kingdom.

My email is james@jamescarstairs.com.